What to do if Sony PRS-300 is frozen or How I was troubleshooting Sony PRS-300’s problem

Sony PRS-300 soft resetSometimes happens that your digit book is frozen. Unpleasant case in any way. I have Sony PRS-300, it’s a great digital book, but in one occasion it had frozen. Neither Soft, nor Hard Reset was able to solve that problem. The screen was frozen, showing the words «Openning book». The power button and the reset button don’t seem to do anything and OS Windows won’t even find the book when I connect it via USB. I was upset, because in Ukraine (I’m ukrainian) the PRS-300 isn’t even sold, as well as isn’t supported.

But I decided to connect digital book via USB to PC, and wait at last 1 hour (the red light was on while plugged in though, indicating that the PRS-300 is charging). After one hour, Windows finded device, but screen was still frozen, swoing the words «Opening book». In that case I thoght that the better decision was formating one of two disks (largest one), and reinstall firmware (NOTE: all information in the drive will be lose!!!). IMPORTANT: formating must be full. After that I had uploaded Sony PRS-300’s software in a device’s root folder and had done soft reset (On the bottom of the reader, using the paper clip, stylus or similar object, press the RESET button and toggle your power button) once again. Then I had looked at the book’s screen the words of welcome, and just follow them. After all that my Sony PRS-300 was back in business.

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